1. NEW HEIGHTS NYC    $300                                     1. NEW HEIGHTS NYC  $150                                     1. New Heights NYC   $FREE
2. ABU ELITE (A)            $200                                        2. East NY      Free                                                         2. Bronx Lightning       No show
3.  BK Stars         FREE                                                    3. Shane all stars $100                                         3. BK Avengers $150 
4. CT ELITE   (BS)                                                              4. Milbank                                                                      4.  Pythons $150
5. ABU ELITE (B)      $200                                              5.Westbury Kings                                                   5. Bklyn Royal Crusaders      $150
6. NY BRONCOS     $200                                              6. Team NICE      $250                                              6. NYC Future Stars  $200
7.  Pythons   sus                                                              7. BK Stars   Free                                                         7. FYA $100
8.  Westbury Kings(BS)                                             8.  NY Broncos    Free                                               8.  Team LytesOut  no show     
$900                                                                                          $400                                                                             $750
Friday June 7th, 2019 
4pm-BK Stars vs CT Elite (Court 1) 6th grade.....
4pm-SI Pythons vs Westbury Kings (Court 2)  6th grade
5pm-NY Broncos vs Westbury Kings (Court 1) 6th grade
5pm-ABU Elite(A) vs CT Elite (Court 2) 6th grade
6pm-ABU Elite(B) vs Westbury King (Court 1) 6th grade
6pm-Shane All Stars vs Milbank Court 2) 7th grade
7pm-New Heights vs CT Elite (Court 1) 6th grade
7pm-New Heights vs Milbank Court 2) 7th grade
Saturday, June 8th, 2019 
8am-New Heights vs BK Patriots 7th Grade(Court 1)
8am-BK Patriots vs Milbank(Court 2) 7th grade 
9am-New heights vs ABU ELITE (A) (Court 1) 6th Grade  
9am-ABU ELITE (B) vs NY Brancos (Court 2) 6th Grade
10am-SI Pythons vs NY Broncos (Court 1)
10am-ABU ELITE(B) SI Pythons(Court 2)
11am-New Heights vs Bk Stars (Court 1) 6th Grade
11am-Bk Stars vs ABU ELITE (A) (Court 2) 6th Grade
12n-CI Warriors vs BK Patriots (Court 1) 7th Grade
12n-New Heights vs CI Warriors(Court 2) 7th Grade
1pm-New Heights vs BK Avengers(Court 1) 8th Grade
1pm-BK Avengers vs Bronx Lightning(Court 2) 8th Grade 
2pm-Bronx Lightning vs Pythons(Court 1) 8th Grade
2pm-BK Stars vs BK Broncos(Court 2) 7th Grade
3pm-New heights vs Bronx Lightning( Court 1) 8th Grade
3pm-Bk Stars vs Team NICE(Court 2) 7th Grade
4pm-Team NICE vs BK Broncos (Court 1) 7th Grade 
4pm-New Heights vs Pythons(Court 2) 8th Grade
5pm-Bklyn Royal Crusaders vs Future Stars(Court 1) 8th Grade
5pm-FYA vs Team Lytesout (Court 2) 8th Grade
6pm-FYA vs Future Stars (Court 1) 8th Grade
6pm- Bklyn Royal Crusaders vs FYA (Court 2) 8th Grade 
7pm-Bk Avengers vs Pythons(Court 1) 8th Grade
7pm-Future Stars vs Team Lytesout(Court 2) 8th Grade
Sunday June 9th, 2019 
8am-Westbury Kings vs BK Stars(Court 1)  7th Grade
8am-Westbury Kings vs BK Broncos (Court 2)  7th Grade
9am-Westbury Kings vs Team NICE(Court 1) 7th Grade
9am-Bklyn Royal Crusaders vs Team Lytesout  (Court 2)  8th grade                                      
6th Grade Division 
4pm-BK Stars vs CT Elite (Court 1) 6th grade
6th   (POOL A)
5pm-New heights vs ABU ELITE (A)... 
6pm-BK Stars vs CT Elite (Court 1) Forefit make friday night ...
7pm-New Heights vs Bk Stars (Court 1)...
7pm-Bk Stars vs ABU ELITE (A) (Court 2)... 
8am-ABU Elite(A) vs CT Elite(Forefit make friday night)...
9am-New Heights vs CT Elite) Forefit make friday night... 
5pm-ABU ELITE (B) vs NY Brancos (Court 2)......
6pm-SI Pythons vs Westbury Kings (Court 2) make friday night) ...
8am-ABU ELITE(B) SI Pythons...
9am-SI Pythons vs NY Broncos...
10am-NY Broncos vs Westbury Kings(Make friday night)...
10am-ABU Elite(B) vs Westbury Kings(Make friday night)....
New Heights vs BK Patriots(Sat @9am)...
CI Warriors vs Milbank(make game friday)...
New Heights vs CI Warriors(@ 11am Sat morning)... 
CI Warriors vs BK Patriots(Sat @10am)... 
BK Patriots vs Milbank(Forefit)...
New Heights vs Milbank(Make game friday)...
Westbury Kings vs Team NICE...
BK Stars vs BK Broncos... 
Westbury Kings vs BK Stars... 
Bk Stars vs Team NICE ...
Team NICE vs BK Broncos... 
Westbury Kings vs BK Broncos... 
New heights vs Bronx Lightning...
Bk Avengers vs Pythons... 
New heights vs BK Avengers...
BK avengers vs Bronx Lightning...
Bronx Lightning vs Pythons...
New Heights vs Pythons... 
Bklyn Royal Crusaders vs Future Stars... 
FYA vs Team Lytesout...
Bklyn Royal Crusaders vs FYA... 
FYA vs Future Stars... 
Future Stars vs Team Lytesout...
Bklyn Royal Crusaders vs Team Lytesout... 
Money to Collect 
$250 for trophies 
$250 T-shirts 
$300 for park and sound permit 
6th   (POOL A)
5pm-New heights vs ABU ELITE (A) (Court 1)
6pm-NY Broncos vs Next up Elite(Court 1)
7pm-New Heights vs NY Broncos(Court 1)
7pm-Next Up Elite vs ABU ELITE (A) (Court 2) 
8am-New heights vs Next up elite(Court 1) 
9am-NY Broncos vs ABU ELITE(A) (Court 1)
5pm-ABU ELITE (B) vs Bk Stars (Court 2)
6pm-SI Pythons vs BK Patriots (Court 2) 
8am-ABU ELITE (B) vs SI Pythons(Court 2)
9am-BK Patriots vs BK Stars(Court 2)
10am-ABU ELITE(B)  vs BK Patriots(Court 2) 
10am-SI Pythons vs BK Stars( Court)
7th (POOL A)
11am-New Heights vs SI Pythons(Court 1) 
12n- CI Warriors vs Team Nice (Court 1)
1pm-New Heights vs CI Warriors (Court 1)
2pm-Team Nice vs SI Pythons (Court 1)
3pm-New Heights vs Team Nice(Court 1)
4pm-CI Warriors vs SI Pythons(Court 1)
11am-Team Flight ballers vs Milbank(Court 2)
12n-BK Stars ss NY Broncos(Court 2) 
1pm-Team Flight vs BK Stars (Court 2)
2pm-NY Broncos vs Milbank (Court 2)
3pm-Team Flight ballers vs NY Broncos(Court 2)
4pm-BK Stars vs Milbank(Court 2)
8th (POOL A)
5pm-New Heights vs BX Lightening 
6pm-Bk Avengers vs EBA Hoops
7pm-New Heights vs BK Avengers 
9am-EBA Hoops vs BX Lightening
10am-New Heights vs EBA Hoops
11am-BK Avengers vs BX Lightening 
4pm-BK Royal Crusaders vs Bruno All Stars 
5pm- Milbank vs Next Up Elite 
6pm-BK Royal Crusaders vs Milbank
7pm-Next Up Elite vs Bruno All Stars 
10am-Bk Royals Crusaders vs Next UP Elite 
11am-Milbank vs Bruno All Stars 
Sunday June 9th, 2019
1pm-6th Grade Championship (1st Place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B) Court 1
2pm-7th Grade Championship (1st Place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B)  Court 1
3pm-8th Grade Championship (1st Place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B)  Court 1
High School Teams 
6th Grade Division
9am: New Heights vs random (Court 1)
10am: 5 Boros vs NYC Next Up Elite (Court 1)
11am:NY Broncos vs Milbank(Court 1)
12n:New Heights vs Next Up Elite(Court 1)
1pm:NY Broncos vs random(Court 1)
2pm:5 Boros vs Milbank(Court 1)
7th Grade Division
9am:New Heights vs Random (Court 2)
10am:NY Brocanos vs Random (court 2)
11am: CI Warriors vs Milbank (Court 2)
12n:New Heights vs Random (Court 2)
1pm: NY Brocons vs Milbanlk (Court 2)
2pm:Ci Warriors vs Random (Court 2)
8th Grade Division 
3pm: 1 vs 8 (Court 1)
3pm:  2vs 7 (Court 2)
4pm: 3 vs 6 (Court 1)
4pm: 4 vs 5 (Court 2)
5pm: 5vs 8 (Court 1)
5pm: 6 vs 7 (Court 2)
6pm: 1 vs 2 (Court 1)
6pm: 3 vs 4 (Court 2)
High School
5pm: 1 vs 8 (Court 1)
5pm 2 vs 7 (Court 2)
6pm: 3 vs 6 (Court 1)
6pm: 4 vs 5 (Court 2)
Final 4 Winners
7pm: Court 1
7pm: Court 2
Sunday: Championship 
Sunday 6pm