NYC Prospects  PRESENTS  "THE Workout" 

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  1. Two 16-minute stop time halves 

  2. Each team will get 4 time-outs per games (1 full, 3 30-second), and one additional timeout per OT period. Time-outs will carry over into overtime.

  3. Free throws (one and one) will be shot on the 10th team foul of each half. All free throws after the 10th team foul will result in a “one and one” situation. There will never be a “two shot” bonus situation.

  4. 3 minute warm up period before each game and a 3-minute halftime.

  5. Overtime will be 2 minutes with stopped time. Games will be played with two normal overtime periods. If the game is still tied after the second overtime, then a sudden death overtime will begin and the first team to score will win.

  6. Any coach or player receiving a technical fouls will have to pay $10 in order to coach/play. The on court officials have total control of their court and therefore have final say in all activity and ejections on their court. 

  7. Players will be disqualified after committing their 6th foul.

  8. Home teams are listed first on the schedule. 

  9. The clock will run anytime a lead is over 20 points in the 2nd half. It will not stop again until that lead gets below 15 points.

  10. Pressing is permitted for boys in all age groups

  11. Forfeit games will be scored 50-30.

  12. Playoff seeding is done in the following order: 1) Head to head competition 2) Point differential 3) Points Against 4) Points scored 

  13. Players are only allowed to play on one team. Any other situation must be approved by the Tournament Director where a fee of $25 must be paid.

  14. Any challenge of a player’s age from an opposing team must be done prior to the game starting. Once the game begins no challenges will be accepted. Only head coaches are allowed to challenge a player’s age. Challenges must be made to the tournament director (NYCPROSPECTS. The referee’s, scorekeepers, event staff or any other staff member cannot authorize any challenges of a player’s age. All teams must bring and keep with them at all times proper documentation (ex. Birth certificates, report cards) for their players. Any challenge that is found to be incorrect will result in a technical foul on the Head Coach that initiated the challenge and the game will start with 2 free throws and the ball for the opposing team. IF ANY CHALLENGE OF A PLAYERS AGE IS MADE AND THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR DETERMINES THAT THE PLAYER IS INELIGIBLE BECAUSE OF HIS/HER AGE, THE ENTIRE TEAM MAY BE DISQUALIFIED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TOURNAMENT. IT IS THE COACHES JOB TO ENSURE THAT ALL OF THEIR PLAYERS MEET THE AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DIVISION THAT THEY ARE PLAYING IN. A PLAYER MAY MOVE UP IN A DIVISION BUT NEVER DOWN (Ex. If a player is in 7th grade but wants to play in the 8th grade division, it will be allowed. 

  15. Any protests from each game must be communicated to the tournament director (NYCPROSPECTS once the game is completed by filling out a protest form that will be available at the admission's table.

  16. All players must wear a numbered uniform that resembles the uniform worn by their teammates.

  17. Each team is fully responsible to clean their own bench upon completion of the game

  18. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early for each game. If games are running behind, we will begin the next game immediately after the previous game. There will only be a five-minute grace period after the official start time of the game. After the five-minute grace period, if a team is not at their court then the officials or tournament director will declare a forfeit

  19. In all situations that aren’t specified in these rules, the High School Federation rules will apply

  20. All players must have identification and proof of grade.

  21. The home team is responsible for providing the game ball for each game.

  22. All teams are required to have a completed roster form turned in on Saturday before first game. No players will be allowed to be added to roster afterwards.

  23. Good Luck We wish you the best from THE NYCPROSPECTS FAMILY!!