Middle School Tournament 

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2019 NYC Prospects Middle School Jamboree



Marine Park Middle School Runner-Up


Head Coach Clyde Chapman Academic Award presented to "Melo"  with a 97 overall GPA.  

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May 4th, 2019 @Xaverian High School 7100 Shore Rd, Brooklyn NY 11209

May 4th 2019(Opening Day)

SATURDAY (Gym Opens at 8:15) Clock will start at 8:30 for warm-up

-Each Team Will Have A 5 Minute warm-up Period

10:15- Bronx Studio (B) vs. Brooklyn Prospects 

11am-Brooklyn Scholars vs. Brooklyn Prospects

11:45- Brownsville Collaborative vs. Brooklyn Scholars

12:30-Brownsville Collaborative vs. MS 363(B)

1:15- MS 363(A) vs. 323

2pm- Marine Park vs. Bronx Studio (A)

2:45- MS 363(B) vs. Bronx Studio (B)

3:30- Newburg Academy vs. 323

4:15- Marine Park vs. MS 258

5pm- Newburg Academy vs. Shellbank

5:45- MS 258 vs. MS 363(A)

6:30- Bronx Studio (A) vs. ShellBank

May 5th, 2019

9:30am-Brooklyn Prospects vs MS 363(B)

10:15am-BX Studio vs Bk Scholars

11am-Brownsville Coll. vs Winner of Bk Prospect/MS363(B)

11:45am-Bx Studio(A) vs MS 363

12:30-am-Shellbank vs MS 258

1:15-Marine Park vs MS 323

1:45-Newburgh vs Winner of Bx Studio/MS 363

2:30pm- Winner of Shellbank/MS258 vs Marine Park/MS 3:15pm-Silver Championship

4pm-Gold Championship 

-Schedule will be finalized by Wednesday May 1st

-No changes will be made after date 

*Everyone Makes Playoffs

Playoffs and Chip will update by 10 Pm Saturday night

Each Game must start on time, any team that is 15 min late will result in a forfeit.


Game play:

14 min Half 

Clock only stops the last 2 mins of the second half only 

6 Fouls to foul out 

10 Fouls results in a 1-1 

Each Team will have a 5 minute warm-up period

3 Timeouts per game 

*All fees must be paid by May 3rd

May 5th



Awards:Player of The Game Certificate for Each Game 

              Tournament MVP

              Championship MVP

              All Academic Certificate 


1st Place Team Winnings:

                           School Championship Banner 

                           NYC Prospects T-Shirts 

                           Player Certificate 

                           Team Trophy 

2nd Place Team Winning: 

                           Player Certificate